Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions


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Eyelash extensions are an exciting new way to extend the length and thickness of your natural eyelashes. Lash extensions are single strands of synthetic eyelashes that are curved to replicate a natural eyelash. They are applied to each individual natural eyelash one by one for a natural, beautiful and luscious look..
Properly applied extensions should last as long as your natural lash life cycle, anywhere from 2-3 weeks depending on the individual and their day to day routine. Aftercare is the key to longevity. A refill every 2-3 weeks is required to maintain your initial full set look.
Lashes are applied while you are lying down with your eyes closed in a cozy, warm spa bed. This beauty rest can take anywhere from 2-3 hours for a full set, depending on the set of lashes you desire. After cleaning and priming your lashes, your bottom lashes are protected with an anti-aging eye pad and then lash extensions are applied. It is a very relaxing, non-invasive procedure and most clients fall asleep.
You can wear make-up with your eyelash extensions. When selecting makeup, it is beneficial to go with extension safe make-up. Extension safe makeup is oil free, usually contains sealers to prolong extension life and helps to work adjacent with your extensions for an optimal look. If you use regular make-up, it is recommended to use a daily cleanser with make-up remover that is safe for your lashes to remove residue at the end of the day.
Not at all! Our eyelash extensions are applied on your own natural eyelashes one by one (without touching the skin) with a specially designed bonding agent developed exclusively for eyelash extension. This new technique is not harmful to your natural eyelashes. The adhesive dries very soft on lashes allowing flexibility and comfort.
We do not recommend using mechanical eyelash curlers on your eyelash extensions, as these curlers will damage the extensions and possibly your own natural lashes. The extensions do have a natural curl so most people find they do not need to curl them further.
We carry many different degrees of curl, thickness, and lengths. Our process is 100% customized and non-damaging. One of our highly trained lash specialist will examine the health of your natural lashes and consult with you about your desired length, shape, and curl before gently applying high-end individual synthetic extensions.
Yes, at any time, for any reason! If you have had an improper eyelash extension application somewhere other then Lash Effect, or simply wish to remove them. It is a simple service that doesn’t take long. We have a specially formulated removal solution that will break down the glue and safely remove your extensions without damaging your natural lash. Please do not attempt to remove the lash extensions yourself, as this will cause premature pulling out of your natural lashes.
Yes. We do ask that you remove the contacts during the service as a precautionary measure. Please bring your contact case and solution to remove them before the start of the service, or wear your glasses the day of.
You should thoroughly clean your lashes with a mild cleanser. We use and suggest Borbeleta’s Lash Bath. Do not use oily makeup remover to clean your lashes prior to the application. Lashes should not be curled and all mascara and eye makeup should be removed.
Do not get the lashes wet for the first 24 hours. The glue needs proper time to bond to the lashes.
Book a fill every 2-3 weeks to fill in the areas where your natural lashes have fallen out and new lashes are growing in.
Avoid all oil based products on or around the eyes. It will break down the glue.
Clean the lashes properly, daily.
Do not pick, tug, or pull on the lashes
Avoid strong heat such as ovens, saunas and bbqs. Heat can melt or disort lashes
Do not rub your eyes
If you are a face pillow-sleeper, we advise investing in silk pillowcases
Try to avoid sleeping face down on your pillow altogether
Do not perm or curl your lashes with a mechanical eyelash curler